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Strapack JK-5000

Automatic Strapping Machine
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StraPack’s JK-5 has been improved considerably and transformed into the JK-5000 with the same affordability. The JK-5000 can achieve up to 37 straps/minute, while maintaining all the benefits of the JK-5, such as a 110 Volt power supply, simple strap width adjustment from 5mm to 15.5mm (5/8in), auto re-feed, loop ejection and small footprint. Another new feature to the JK-5000 is a self-diagnostic programmable microprocessor which continuously monitors critical electrical functions. Should an electrical problem arise, the monitoring panel immediately displays the function affected to take the guess work out of troubleshooting, making restoration more efficient.


At the rate of up to 37 straps/minute the JK5000 is 32 % faster than a comparable StraPack JK-5.


The JK5000 is priced so that customers with moderate strapping needs can afford a full featured quality arch machine.

Automatic Refeed

If a feed error occurs the refeed function automatically feeds the strap again and if successful initiates another cycle to automatically complete the strap

Energy Saving

To conserve energy and reduce wear, the JK-5000 automatically shuts off the motor while maintaining proper heater temperature when it has not been cycled for 30 seconds. Depressing the Start Button re-starts the motor and applies the strap.

Seal Joint Integrity

The seal is the critical part of a completed strap. To help insure a proper seal for your application and strap thickness the heater temperature and seal press time are adjustable. The arch bandway design and strap alignment device in the right bandway assures proper strap alignment for a strong seal, even with narrow 1/4″ or 5mm strap.

Jam Resistant

If the machine is accidentally cycled without a package in place the strap loop that forms around the sealing point is automatically ejected eliminating a potential jam. Should another type of jam occur easy access to the strap path and other machine features allows for the clearance of most common jams without the need for tools. The JK5000 uses the reset function to cut the jammed strap while simultaneously getting the machine ready to apply another strap.

Easy Maintenance

The JK-5000 can step through the strapping cycle one operation at a time. Maintenance personnel needing to observe the operation of the JK-5000 can use this mode to easily identify problems and make adjustments. Strap path accessibility is also improved. The Self-diagnostic programmable microprocessor continuously monitors critical electrical functions and should a problem arise immediately displays the function affected to take the guess work out restoring the machine to proper operation.

Easy strap width conversion

The JK-5000 can be set up to run 5mm (1/4”) to 12mm (1/2″) polypropylene strap without the need for any additional parts should your strapping needs change.