Inner Box Partitions and Supplies

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M&M Box Partitions has been manufacturing chip, corrugated and specialty board partitions since 1968.Partitions are sets of fiberboard or corrugated strips which are cut, slotted and assembled to form a number of cells. Partitions are custom made to fit current box sizes or we can design and provide a box size.

Cell sizes range from 1/4″ to 60″ in length and width with height from 5/8″ to 24″.

M & M Box Partitions has a strict quality control program that assures all measurements, specifications and special instructions are met. M & M has passed independent audits from our customer’s inspection teams (including a major food processor) as well as our own scheduled tests and inspections. M&M is ISO compliant.
Special design features include: corner-cuts for easy insertion, directional markings, friction lock dies, interlock dies, coding and part # designations
  • Custom Orders
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  • Complete Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Insuring Quality
  • No die Charges or Tooling cost