Reduce your receiving and storage costs, expand your storage capacity, and increase your production with Chicago Consumables warehousing services. We will receive and store your packaging supplies inventory, for specific period of time, ensuring that your inventory is immediately available for packing and shipping.

Efficient manufacturing and warehouse operations are important step in the supply chain process. Keeping goods and materials moving is essential. With our warehouse space we are uniquely suited to help you reduce your warehousing & inventory costs by storage of our customer’s supplies for direct or drop shipping on a schedule just when you need it.

CCI can help in just-in-time deliveries by offering blanket order releases of any time critical supplies on time and under budget.

Here’s what you get with CCI:

  • Single source vendor/distribution partner
  • Simply free up valuable warehouse space
  • Audit your equipment maintenance, supplies and production line
  • Streamline your packaging process
  • Blanket order releases