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Strapack EcoWatt

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Strapack EcoWatt


The cushioning material made by the ECOWATT from your scrap corrugated is unique and addresses today’s economic and environmental concerns.

Elastic By-Product

Waste corrugated is shredded and changed into cushioning material instantly. The ECOWATT’s revolutionary cutter keeps the shredded material connected at all points leaving no messy scraps to be scattered. This innovative cutting method eliminates the hassle and mess normally associated with shredded material. The elasticity of the shredded material can easily be adjusted to meet your needs.

Improved Features

The new improved ECOWATT can process up to double-wall corrugated materials. Labels or packing slips need not be removed before the operation (please do remove the staples to avoid trouble).

Simple & Safe

Turn the switch on and the ECOWATT is ready to run! Interlock system assures safety.

Portable & Compact

Very little space is required. The ECOWATT can easily be accommodated in your office or shipping area.


You’ll realize optimal package protection with practically no material cost. Why dispose of your excess corrugated when you can convert it into a reusable resource by recycling on-site?